We want our residents to live in comfort with security and peace of mind



Daily Fees

Daily fees are regulated by the Commonwealth Government and can vary depending on a number of factors, such as whether you are a pensioner or non-pensioner and your level of assets.  There is a Basic Daily Care Fee which all residents are required to pay and depending on your income and assets a Means Tested Fee. 

Accommodation Payment

The current accommodation bond is $550,000

From the 1 July 2014 all new residents making an accommodation payment will have a choice of payment method.

  • Lump Sum (Refundable Accommodation Deposit, RAD)

  • Periodic Payments (Daily Accommodation Payment, DAP)

  • Combination of RAD & DAP






(RAD x MPIR) ÷ 365days
$550,000 x 4.98%* =
Divided by 365 =

For example 50% RAD and 50% DAP
RAD $275,000

DAP ($550,000 - $275,000) x 4.98%*
Divided by 365

RAD payable is
DAP payable is







per annum
per day


per annum
per day

per day

*MRIP as at 01/10/2019

At Charingfield, each resident has the opportunity to enjoy the social support and companionship of family, friends and other residents and to enjoy a range of interests and leisure activities both at Charingfield and within the wider community.

Each resident is entitled to receive quality care appropriate to his or her needs whatever their financial situation.

Should a resident come to need care and assistance beyond that available at Charingfield, every effort is made to assist the resident and/or relatives to locate appropriate accommodation and to support the resident in making the move to his or her new home.

We believe aged persons have the right to

  • Achieve and retain maximum control over their own lives

  • Pursue their own religious beliefs, culture and customs within a supportive environment where recognition is given to their spiritual needs

  • Live in a home-like environment, which provides physical and personal security according to individual needs

We want our residents to live in comfort with security and peace of mind.

Charingfield aims to achieve high standards and to be innovative in resident care delivery.  We are responsive to individual needs and incorporate the principles of continuous improvement to ensure practices are current, safe and effective as well as meeting all relevant State and Commonwealth Legislative and Regulatory requirements.